VCI Doctor - FAQs

VCI Doctor - FAQs

  1. How do I get started?
    Download the free VCI Doctor app from the Google or Apple app store. To Sign up for a new account, fill up your profile details and submit. Your profile details include your details as well as the clinic’s. We will perform a verification process and get in touch with you within 24 hours. Then, you can instantly start using our app to consult your patients.
  2. How much do I pay to use the app?

At Video Clinic India, we strive to make healthcare easily accessible to our patients. Our app is free for use to doctors. Doctors do not pay any charge or fee to provide video consultation to patients using our app. There is no one-off or on-going fees.

We have a unique revenue model. We earn our revenue by charging patients a service fee when they book an appointment with you. This will not affect your consultation fee.


  1. What all features are available to me to consult online?

Using the Video Clinic India app, patients can book a video consultation appointment with you based on your availability.

A: Calling the patient: At the scheduled time, you will call the patient through the app. Your number will not be shared with the patient, and neither will you be billed for the call. We’ve taken care of everything else, so you can focus on taking care of the patient.

B: Clinical history: Before the consultation starts, the patients can enter details and share images related to their health condition. All this information is put into a patient file and is available to you before every consultation.

C: Digital prescription: Your patients will receive a digital prescription with your digital signature.

Additional features.

D: Medication reminders: Patients automatically get daily reminders for the medications prescribed by you.

E: Medication response Mobility report: As part of the patient file, you will also receive this report which is helpful to gauge the effectiveness of the prescription on the patient’s physical health. This is particularly helpful for medical specialities such as cardiology, endocrinology, and neurology.


  1. Are there any rules/guidelines I need to adhere to, when consulting online?
    All Medical council of India, Dental council of India and AYUSH council laws apply, as applicable.
  2. I’m done with the consultation. When will I receive my fees?
    Firstly, congratulations! How was your experience? We hope everything went well! Your fees will be sent to the provided bank account on the Monday after your consultation. You should receive the money in a few days, as processing sometimes takes up to 2 days. You can also keep a track of your payments through the app in the “Revenue” section.
  3. I am unable to diagnose the patient online. What should I do?
    We understand not all conditions can be diagnosed online, and sometimes you just need to see the patient in person. You can schedule an in-clinic appointment for them. Doctors usually do not charge extra for this, as the patient has already paid them online.
  4. Does Video Clinic India maintain record of the consultation?
    As per the regulatory requirements, the consultation summary that includes the consultation notes and prescription details provided by you are recorded and stored in a secure manner. The consultation summary notes, and prescription details are shared with the patient at the end of every consultation. They will only be shared with a competent authority upon explicit request, in case of a medico-legal requirement.