Video Clinic India - Patient FAQs
  1. How does an online consultation work?

We help you book an appointment for a doctor video consultation. First, download the Video Clinic India app from the Google or Apple app store. The, all you have to do is tell us about your health problems, choose the doctor and make a payment. The doctor will call you for a consultation at the scheduled appointment time. 


  1. Will online doctors be able to solve my medical issue?

The doctor constitutions are done over a video call (through the app) to ensure the doctors can effectively communicate with the patients and understand their health issues. Following every consultation, the doctor will provide a consultation summary, prescription and recommend life style changes. In some cases, where a physical examination may be required, the doctor may suggest a follow-up in-clinic consultation. 


  1. Are your doctors qualified?

At Video Clinic India, we have a thorough verification process of our doctors. All doctors are verified medical practitioners with all their qualification documents electronically and manually verified by our team. 


  1. Is online medical consultation with doctor private on Video Clinic India?

All consultations on Video Clinic India are completely private and confidential. We take your privacy very seriously and are compliant with the industry standards. 


  1. Do you have a refund policy? How does the refund work? 

We have a refund policy. If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your online consultation, simply reach out to us on support, and we’ll refund your money after checking with the doctor.


  1. Are online consultations legal?

As per the telemedicine guidelines published on 25th March 2020 by the Medical Council of India, online consultations (delivery of healthcare over a digital medium) with a doctor are absolutely legal. Video consultations are not appropriate for emergency cases. 

We provide a secure platform for patients to consult doctors. 


  1. Are the doctor consultation details recorded? 

As per the regulatory requirements, the consultation summary that includes the consultation notes provided by the doctor and prescription details are recorded and stored in a secure manner. 

The consultation smart notes and prescription details are shared with you at the end of every consultation. They will only be shared with a competent authority upon explicit request, in case of a medico-legal requirement.